Words From Our Clients

It has been a marvelous training experience conducted by Vennis Ma and her team. We learned a lot though funs and games. They are interesting and at the same time inspiring and thought provoking. It helps us change from personal image to team identity and image. We have a follow up meeting after the training to strengthen our learning from the workshop.

I am more than happy to recommend Ms Ma and her training to my colleagues and friends, should they want to change for the better.

Sammy Hui
Principal Consultant & Trainer, MBA, TEP, CEP, IFPC, RFP, CICFP

This is the testimonial for Ms Vennis Ma, the Director of VENTIQUE who had cooperated with our company in different projects and events including Image Consulting Course, year Anniversary & Fashion Show of Hotel LKF by Rhombus & Azure Restaurant Slash Bar, Photo Contest held by Rhombus International Hotels Group, Ming Pao and Nikon, etc.

She provides wide range of consultant services and professional assistance. During the course of work, she always demonstrates high level of service providing to our company and benefitting us on media exposure.

I am very satisfied with all the outcomes of her work in every event and project. She is always responsible, result-oriented, detailed and open-minded. I look forward to engage with her in any other kind of cooperation in the near future. Wish her all the best and every success for her business!

Alison Yau
Director of Business Development Rhombus International Hotels Group

The presentation by Vennis was fantastic – fun, interactive, and very informative. We are very grateful to Vennis and her team for sharing the excellent tips and insight on image management. A rewarding learning experience to all the participants. Thank you Vennis.

Fanny CHAN
Head of Human Resources and Corporate Administration
China Everbright Bank Hong Kong Branch

Vennis, You did a great job for the Image Training and showing us how importance of Image and Manners. You were very pleasant and professional. We would highly recommend your company to our friends and business partners.

Leo Man
Managing Director
Soleil Wine Group

我已經跟隨Vennis幾年的時間學習形象,當初是因為想改變自己,變得更有魅力。經過幾年的時間,發現形象原來不是自己想的這麼簡單,形象包括很多元素,例如說話談吐、禮儀修養,更甚是做人做事的態度。明白形象的重要性後,我更注重自己的外在儀表及內在培養,知道如何吸引別人的眼球落在自己身上,從內到外散發出來的自信,也對個人的交際、工作以及生活帶來莫大益處!謝謝Vennis 及她的團隊專業教導及細心照料,好高興跟Vennis從客戶變成朋友,同時是我最好的心靈導師。

A Client From China