Image Courses & Services

Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.


A Personal Image Identity is important to any business. Why??

Building a successful personal brand starts with knowing yourself. How??


Our Image Programme focuses on raising a company’s image and an individual’s success through professional presentation and an understanding of social and business etiquette.

An excellent corporate image has a positive impact on consumer’s preferences on product and services. The appearance of your employees significantly impacts your corporate image and the manner in which clients and prospects perceive your company. Improving your company image begins with improving the image of your employees.

Perfect image brings a spirit of total peace, illumination, enlightenment and success in career.


  • Make yourself more attractive
  • Get a great and lasting first impression in business
  • Enhance your professional image in a business environment
  • Build a wardrobe systematically
  • Improve relationships with employees
  • Build corporate credibility, brand image and staff confidence
  • Enhanced communication, teamwork, and presentation skills

Our Services

  • Corporate / Brand Image Solutions
  • Personal Image Solutions
  • Personalized program
  • Training / Workshop / Seminar

Image Consultation Service

  • Image Analysis
  • Skincare, Makeup & Hairstyle advice
  • Dressing techniques
  • Fashion & Image Styling
  • Personal Shopping
  • Wardrobe Construction & Organization
  • Posture & Gesture
  • Personal, Social, Business & Dining Etiquette
  • Wedding Image
  • Party Image

Our Program

  • Professional Image
  • Image Styling Course
  • Personal Makeup Course
  • Dining Etiquette Course
  • Social, Business Etiquette Program

Makeup Service

  • Corporate Makeup
  • Party Makeup
  • Creative Makeup
  • Bridal Makeup

Image styling in a personal courseImage styling makeup course